P-Dog Snowmobile Rental and Repair, Inc. provides snowmobile rental services in Northern Wisconsin. Snowmobiling is a great way to get outdoors and beat the winter doldrums. Contact our St Germain office at (715) 542-2865, or book online now, to take in all of the natural beauty Wisconsin has to offer!

With P-Dog Snowmobile Rental and Repair’s prime location in Vilas County, you will never run out of places to ride a snowmobile. Featuring 600 miles of picturesque woodland areas and groomed trails, not to mention the largest snowmobile club in Wisconsin, we are right in the middle of a snowmobiler’s paradise. To top things off, Vilas County is also home to the World Championship Snowmobile Derby and Saint Germain Radar Run in Eagle River, WI. Rent a sled from P-Dog and join in on the fun today!

In addition to rentals, our professional mechanic will maximize your time on the trails with our snowmobile repair and maintenance services. P-Dog offers fast and affordable repair services so that you aren’t missing time in the snow. We can also make seasonal preparations for your snowmobile, whether getting it ready for winter or for summer storing. Contact us today for more information.

Wisconsin + Snowmobile = Adventure

Contact us today at (715) 542-2865

From hundreds of miles of scenic trails to action-packed races, Northern Wisconsin has something for everyone. Grab your friends, bundle up and prepare for the day or weekend of speeding through the snow on a snowmobile rental. Contact us at (715) 542-2865 to request a reservation today.

A Note to Our Loyal Customers

As many of you may know, we were formerly known as Hearthside Inn Snowmobile Rental. We have expanded our business by becoming independent of the hotel. While our name has changed, our values have not–we will continue to deliver quality service and respect for all of our customers.